A Tradition of Community Values

We are very proud of our history because there are very few businesses that have been around since June 17, 1884 (137 years). To quote Henry Ford, "History is bunk!" It's "Bunk" because while we are proud of our heritage, looking backwards won't help Oxford Bank be the company that we want to be for our customers, employees and stakeholders today. We can only do that by having something important to offer to our community.

Just using the word "community" highlights how much things have changed over our history. In the 1800's, the Oxford Bank community was the people who lived and worked within an easy horse ride from our branches. Today, the Oxford Bank community is people who share our values and desire for the relationship we offer, so it isn't dependent just on where they live or work.

We believe that well-run organizations, on a fairly regular basis, should ask themselves why they exist. Our answer is we exist, and succeed, because we offer our physical and digital neighbors a valuable relationship. We believe value is created for our customers by having true, in-person service focused on solutions that make life easier for them.

Like the definition of community, "in-person" is different today. In-person doesn't mean you have to drive to one of our offices for personal service. In-person, or personal, service today means you can talk to the same Oxford banker in many ways from FaceTime to text, to accomplish your banking needs. We are further redefining in-person service at Oxford so you will be able to do banking late into the evening at any of our drive-thru locations using our new Interactive Teller machines.

We also believe technology can play a big role in making life more convenient. But technology alone won't make most people's lives more convenient in banking without in-person advice on how to leverage it for their individual goals. Oxford's difference to our banking and Credit Union competitors is that we actually help our customers use technology. We will set up our customer's bills on their online billpayer or walk through features on our mobile app. We help customers by contacting them with recommendations on new services available that fit their financial goals.

We would love to find out if we can help you achieve your financial goals! Contact us today to talk to a Personal Banker about our products and services.

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