At Oxford Bank, we are excited to continue to offer Client Appreciation Events to help convey our sincere appreciation for your ongoing trust and relationship with us. We are committed to providing timely, high-quality information, resources and support that help your business grow and thrive in every economy.

To ensure our Clients get the most out of these events, we are using this page as as home for all thing related to these events including, recordings, slide decks, future events and more!

May 14th Client Appreciation Event: The Dark Side of Financial Cybercrime

Cybercrime 2024: A Look at the Dark Side. Led by one of today’s top cybercrime experts, Gary Warner, Director of Threat Intelligence for DarkTower, this eye-opening Zoom presentation will help you identify and protect against a wide range of potential threats, including: 

  • CPNs and Counterfeit docs
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Crypto Investment Scams
  • Stolen Check and Check Fraud

Has Your Data Been Compromised?

Curious if your data has been breached? Check out to if your information has been involved in a breach.


How to Update Your Email Forwarding Rules:


  • For Outlook end users, seeing the rules is the same as setting up a new rule.
  • Right-click on any email.
  • Choose Rules.
  • From the left-side menu, choose Forwarding.
  • You can disable ALL forwarding there, or if forwarding is enabled, you will see a list of rules that cause emails to be forwarded, and to where they are forwarded.

A Video on Rules


For people using Gmail, a nice list of instructions is here:

Google Support List


For people who are an "Admin" for an organizations Office 365 environment, the best advise is to use the scripts found at