Smart Starter: Money Basics for Young Savers

At Oxford Bank, we believe it's never too early to start learning about money. In our Smart Starter journey, we'll explore the basics of saving and spending wisely while helping your kids grow their money knowledge and confidence.

Ways to Save

Saving money is like planting seeds for the future. We'll show your child creative and kid-friendly ways to start saving, from piggy banks to special savings accounts designed just for them.

Smart Spending

Our interactive lessons will help your child understand the difference between needs and wants. They'll discover how to make smart spending choices and become savvy shoppers, all while having a blast!

 Money Talk

Don't worry if money talk feels tricky. We've got kid-friendly explanations and activities that will make learning about money a breeze. You and your child can explore together and grow your money knowledge.


How to Talk to Your Kids About Money.mp4 from GreenPath Financial Wellness on Vimeo.

Role of a Bank

Let's demystify the role of a bank in simple terms. Your child will learn how banks are like money helpers, keeping their savings safe and maybe even helping them earn more money over time.