We know protecting your money is important — that's why we've gathered the latest tips and tricks to help you keep your credit and debit card information safe. 

  1. Activate and sign the back of credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them.

  2. Never write your card PIN on the back of your card, or store it in the same place as your card. Also, don’t store your card or PIN numbers on your phone or tablet as mobile devices are also common targets!

  3. Shred or tear up any and all credit card applications that you receive, and any documents containing your credit or debit card number. If you don’t have a shredder, Oxford Bank provides FREE community shred days twice a year! 

  4. Don’t respond to emails requesting your credit or debit card information, or asking you to verify your personal information via email or a website.

  5. Never send credit or debit card information (even to people you know) via email or text!

  6. Shield the ATM keypad with your hand or body when you enter your PIN to prevent others from seeing and using your PIN to gain access to your information later.

  7. Sign up for paperless bank and credit card statements. Paper financial statements delivered to your mailbox often include personal information; when you check your balances and account statements online it's safer than having the information sent through the mail, and can help reduce the risk of identity theft. And it's better for the environment! 

See card safety tips while travelling (PDF).

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