What measures is Oxford Bank taking to make sure your information is secure?

At Oxford Bank, we understand that protecting your personal information is a priority. That's why we are taking many various measures to make sure that we offer you the best and most updated information technology available. Check out what we are doing to make sure your information stays safe:                                                                   

  • We use digital certificates to protect online banking sessions including the use of Extended Validation Certificates. For example, when you visit our online banking page your address bar will turn green and display the name Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.; this is our trusted vendor that hosts our online banking solution.

  • State-of-the-art firewalls and intrusion detection systems are in place that are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Outgoing emails are scanned and encrypted when sensitive information is detected

  • Multi-factor authentication is used for online and mobile banking.

  • See our Debit & Credit Card Security page

  • Fingerprint scanner for mobile devices - making your log-in faster and more convenient!

What should YOU be doing to make sure your information stays secure?

  • NEVER use the same password for website log-ons as you do for online banking. Also be sure to make your online banking password hard to guess; best practices include using eight or more letters or numbers, a special character (e.g. !, @ or *), and to avoid using dictionary words.

  • Have an antivirus software installed on your computer, and UPDATE IT OFTEN. Antivirus software - like Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials or BitDefender - can detect malicious webpages and prevent you from downloading anything that could compromise your security.

  • ALWAYS review your monthly statements. Are you sure you made that purchase? Contact Oxford Bank or your credit card carrier if you think you have suspicious activity on your statements.

  • Never give anyone your PIN for your Debit or ATM card.

Did you know? Millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft every year. Think you're a victim of identity theft? Call Oxford Bank at 248-628-2533 immediately to file a report.

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Children under 13 should not send any information about themselves to us, including information like your name, address or email address. The Bank does not knowingly collect personally identifying information from children under the age of 13. In the event that we learn that we have collected such information from a child under 13 without parental consent, the information will be deleted from our database as soon as reasonably possible.