Savvy Saver: Empowering Teens to Master Their Finances

At Oxford Bank, we want to help you take charge of your financial future! In our Savvy Saver journey, you'll learn smart saving and spending practices as well as the basics of credit and other money-related concepts.

Ways to Save

As a teen, saving money is your first step toward financial independence. We'll guide you through the steps needed to set achievable financial goals and different ways to grow your savings faster.

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Smart Spending

Learning how to spend wisely is the first step toward lifelong financial success. Discover how to budget, make informed spending decisions, and manage credit wisely - while still enjoying all the things you love.

Money Talk

Get ready for real-world money conversations. We'll talk about credit terms, interest rates, and other money-related concepts to help you navigate today's financial landscape.

Money Concepts for Teens and Young Adults from GreenPath Financial Wellness on Vimeo.


Role of a Bank

Explore how Oxford Bank can help support your journey to financial independence. Learn about our teen-specific banking services, including checking accounts, debit cards, mobile banking, and other services that are designed to help you thrive at this stage of your financial journey.