Welcome to Oxford Bank's Money Masters Financial Literacy Program: Learn How to Master Your Money for Financial Success

At Oxford Bank, we believe that financial literacy is key to helping our customers and communities thrive. Whether you're just learning the basics of money management, looking to fast-track your progress toward key financial goals, or simply make more informed decisions to grow and protect your wealth, our financial Literacy program offers a fun, easy, and convenient way to fuel your financial knowledge and accelerate success at every stage of your financial journey.

Smart Starter

Teaching kids the basics of saving, spending, and making their money grow.

Savvy Saver

Helping teens gain the skills and knowlege to be smart money managers. 

Goal Getter

Empowering young adults to take charge of their financial future by building good credit, setting SMART goals, and spending wisely.

Budget Bosses

Helping working adults and parents strengthen their financial well being and make informed decisions to achieve current and future goals.

Wealth Wizards

Providing resources and support to help individuals retire with confidence and financial security while guarding against cyber threats.

Business Builders

Helping business owners explore and expand financing options to support working capital needs and grow business success.